Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Moissanite?

Named after Nobel Prize winning chemist Henri Moisson, who originally mistakenly identified them as diamonds while examining a meteor crater, but later identified the difference of the stone he'd discovered - as Diamonds are composed of carbon while Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide.

Moissanite's crystalline structure is similar to diamonds, but with more brilliance than any other gemstone on the Brilliance Refractive Index. On the hardness scale, Moissanite comes very close to diamonds at 9.2-9.5 whereas a diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale, but this score is more than durable enough to withstand daily use.

Moissanite in natural form is extremely rare ranging mostly on meteorites, and not available for mass jewelry use. However, the stone's popularity has soared as an elegant diamond alternative and the market has variants of lab created Moissanites with us using only the best in the market, such as Charles & Colvard created varieties.

Why is your previously Lab Grown Diamond Collection now relabelled to SONA Diamond Jewelry?

Please read our full blog on this here on this HUGE shift of judgement on our store VS Custom offering when it comes to Lab Grown Diamonds. 

What is the difference between a Lab Grown Stone and a Real Stone?

Lab grown stones retain the same crystalline structure and composition of a mined stone. So yes, they are "real stones" in that sense, just not labelled 'natural'! They are not fake or under 'simulants'. 

Lab grown stones are not old or rare, and therefore are valued much less when it comes to cost.

Reselling lab grown stones such as diamonds doesn't have the same incredible price drop as natural diamonds, as you didn't pay nearly as high as you would've for a natural diamond (or a retailer, when you shop with us!)

Lab grown stones therefore are considered more cost effective for the average consumer, as well as a more eco conscious with a far lower carbon footprint and humanitarian choice for those who are  mindful consumers when it comes to the controversial side of the trade of certain stones such as diamonds.   

Where do you make your jewelry?

We do not currently make or produce our own store collections, which is a Fine Jewelry e-commerce portal.

Like many physical jewelry stores, we curate our collections from suppliers we choose to work with - in our case suppliers from around the world mostly in Asia & Europe, with a few as well in the U.S.

Our Custom Design service however is through our direct design team and comes certified through the GIA / Gemological Institute of America with the report for you to keep. 

What is your refund policy?

We only offer a refund if your item didn’t arrive, arrived broken (please contact us with an image on the same day of delivery), or the wrong item was delivered.

Even though we do believe all our items will be loved upon delivery, we do not refund or exchange in the case of buyer’s remorse.

We do refunds but no returns, so please do not ship back to the returning address on your package. 

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