Bringing Factory-To-Consumer to Fine Jewelry

Mon Moissanite™ opens a wide array of Fine Jewelry options that would normally outprice the average budget through bypassing the traditional Fine Jewelry retail model; and swapping out Natural Diamonds with Lab Grown Stones, from Moissanite to Diamonds, that make sure to dazzle without the dizzying cost. 

The Jewelry Industry's lack of benchmarking allows retailers and luxury brands to raise their markups to exponential levels, all to cover the costs of major marketing campaigns, building luxury brands, impressive stores, and packaging and retail costs - all that hit you, the end consumer, in the final product price. 

This is why you can buy Fine Jewelry at a price you often can't resell close for - the product on the market is essentially not expensive unless you're dealing with rare stones or rare luxury items which have the price come from brand worth and not the jewelry make up itself. 

We work with the same supply chains retailers utilize with a far lower mark up thanks to our lean e-commerce model; focusing on making high quality fine jewelry affordable and cost effective to the average consumer.

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